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ROI Properties

We help you choose the right property with the right cash flow returns, this ranges from residential, multi-family, commercial, land, you name it…


We partner with our clients on flips or homes that need some love. You come in with some cash, all cash, or pool it together with other investors ITS UP TO YOU how much you put in.

Selling with Repairs Needed

We assist our clients by increasing their homes value prior to selling. Whether its new floors, paint, yard work, or a complete clean out we can help you maximize your property for the best returns.

Cash Offers

We will always provide a cash offer to every client. If they choose to accept our offer, we can close quickly and streamline the entire process with no headache for the seller.

1031 Exchanges

Defer your gains and continue to grow your portfolio:

We are not tax advisors and recommend you contact a tax and or financial professional prior to making any decisions. A 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange offers taxpayers one of the last great opportunities to build wealth and save taxes. By completing a 1031 Exchange, the Taxpayer (“Exchanger”) can dispose of investment or business-use assets, acquire replacement property and defer the tax that would ordinarily be due.  Click the link below for info on our preferred 1031 facilitator and additional info on 1031 Exchanges.

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Off-Market Opportunities/Investment Deals

            In an effort to advocate for our clients, we commit ourselves to always bring opportunities to our clients first.

What do I get as a client? As a REAM of IDAHO client you receive all off market deals that we get knowledge of. We are consistently canvasing the market for real estate with an ROI you can be excited about.  We work with wholesale investors selling opportunities prime for flipping or doing a buy and hold.

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